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  • Encore Palette by Neill Gorton - Old Age

Encore Palette by Neill Gorton - Old Age



"Most of my prosthetics work is character make up, disguises, character change and ageing so my choice of colours across the ENCORE AGED and FLESH palettes compliments this. ENCORE AGED palette allows me to add differing levels of age, ethnicity, sun damage or just make someone down right grubby looking. With the flexibility of the Encore system, I can switch a colour at any time to compliment the demands of my characters’ make up”. Neill Gorton 


  • 10 Encore Neill Gorton OLD AGE Edition Colors: Prime White, W1, C5, C6, Nicotine Stain, Vein tone, Teal Blue, Rose, Dirty Brown, Prime Black
  • Encore signature fully customizable magnetic case holding 10 individual colors
  • Built-ln white mixing surface
  • Instructions

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