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  • Sian Richards London - 4K Wet

Sian Richards London - 4K Wet

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4K Wet is a makeup liquefier that transforms Hydroproof into paint, liquid foundation, liquid eyeliner, liquid lipstick, or airbrush makeup.  It’s alcohol free and assimilates with Hydroproof without disrupting all the qualities you love so much. A tiny amount achieves huge results, so it’s economical too!

This unique mixer transforms your makeup kit and enables you to have complete diversity of use keeping a capsule collection and getting the most from it.

4K Wet Functionality in a Nutshell

  • Make Airbrush cosmetics like foundations and colour washes like liquid. complection colours.
  • Make liquid eyeliner and paint.
  • Create sheer skin changing colours and tints.
  • Make unique temporary hair tints to paint in or touch roots out.
  • Transform Hydroproof into liquid lipstick – apply and it lasts all day, even survives cups of tea and kisses.
  • Restores drier Hydroproof.

Made In USA
120ml/4fl oz

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