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  • Biodegradable Hairdressing Gowns / Capes - (Pack of 50)

Biodegradable Hairdressing Gowns / Capes - (Pack of 50)



  • 50 BIODEGRADABLE CAPES: These disposable capes drape over clients or salon capes to protect clothing, hair salon equipment and salon chairs. These sleek and smart black hairdresser capes are suitable for Barbers and Hairdressers.
  • BIODEGRADABLE: Made from PBAT and Cornstarch making these salon aprons both disposable and compostable (check local regulations). No plastic capes here. Much safer for the environment. Saves time, electricity and cash from washing and drying fabric capes.
  • LARGE SURFACE COVERAGE: These measure 140cm (55.1”) long x140cm (55.1”) wide. They offer full front and rear covering as well as covering past the knees, protecting clothing, salon chair and salon drape. Perfect as disposable protective apron. Weighted and do not blow around under the blow drier.
  • CONVENIENT AND WATERPROOF: Simply tear along the perforated lines to separate the ties and the cape is ready to use! These waterproof disposable salon capes for hair can be recycled, or compostable according to local regulations.
  • SALON, HOME, OR MOBILE HAIRDRESSER USE: These can be used in salons and for home hair cutting to protect from hair dye and color, hair shampoo and professional hair cutting. These capes are easily transportable to use wherever you need them.

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