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  • Illamasqua Make-up Brush Canister
  • Illamasqua Make-up Brush Canister

Illamasqua Make-up Brush Canister



Any artist will appreciate the convenience of this height-adjustable brush canister, ideal for storing brushes of all sizes and easy to wipe clean. The adjustable lid can accommodate brushes and pencils of any height, and it clicks into place to keep your tools secure.

Pro Tip From Illamasqua Head Of Artistry - Pablo Rodriguez: The Illamasqua canister is a super useful piece of kit, especially as it’s so compact and light weight. Illamasqua canister is perfect for storing your brushes, pencils or both. Instead of taking my entire kit of brushes, I like to use the canister to take a select amount of tools I will need for a makeup job. The lid clicks off really easily and I like to use it to keep my used brushes in, so I can keep my application hygienic.


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