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  • STUDIO SANGEET - Skin Seconds - M1 Pack
  • STUDIO SANGEET - Skin Seconds - M1 Pack

STUDIO SANGEET - Skin Seconds - M1 Pack



Silicone Transfer Prosthetics System
Skin:Seconds:Trauma are a game changer in prosthetic makeup – made from life cast impressions, not sculpted in clay and designed with a unique transfer system as a method of application that takes just seconds to complete.
To apply, simply use the piece as a template to powder mark the area of skin to be glued and as that glue dries, wet the backing paper with a damp sponge and peel the paper away.
The ready glued appliance is held securely in place with it's fine edges supported by a stiffer silicone transfer band. Use this band to place the piece (under some tension) on the skin and press down firmly with a powder puff, starting from the middle and working your way out so not to trap air pockets under the piece.
Once the piece feels firmly in place, peel away the transfer band working outwards from the middle and blend the fine edge onto the skin with solvent, then powder/seal and paint.
*Includes: 2 silicone prosthetic pieces: 
(BK1, BK2 -  Two hunting knife stab wounds or lacerations). 
*Skin color. 

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