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  • Beautyblender Micro.Mini Correct.Four
  • Beautyblender Micro.Mini Correct.Four
  • Beautyblender Micro.Mini Correct.Four

Beautyblender Micro.Mini Correct.Four

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For a limited time, Micro.Mini Correct.Four is available in a four-pack and shaded in colours that represent colour correction. Made from the same exclusive Beautyblender material, these Micro.Minis were designed specifically to target smaller areas of the face such as under the eyes, around the nose and to camouflage blemishes such as acne and dark spots allowing you make any blemish disappear like magic.

What it does:
Micro.Mini Correct.Four allows for precision, laser-focused application of corrective concealers on areas of the face that need a little extra love. These limited-edition micro.minis are ideal for all corrective concealers and work brilliantly for highlighting and contouring. Perfect for smaller areas such as the under eye, around your nose, above and below your brow bone, chin area and for covering acne and dark spots.

The Micro.Mini effortlessly blends cream, liquid and powder concealer products for the ultimate targeted precision and the same impeccable performance as the Beautyblender original
Use the same Beautyblender exclusive technique of wet.squeeze.bounce.
Cleanse with Blendercleanser® Solid® or Liquid Blendercleanser®; rinse and dry in a clean, ventilated area.

For linear highlighting use Micro.Mini's pointed side to apply your highlighting product:

  • Down the center ridge of nose
  • Under eyebrows
  • Corners of eyes

For diffused highlighting use the round, fuller bottom to create a broader, defined effect:

  • Top of cheekbones
  • Area between temple and cheekbones
  • Ball of chin
  • Outer corners of eyes

For sharp, controlled shaping use the small tip of Micro.Mini with your favourite contouring product to:

  • Sculpt cheek shape
  • Sculpt nose shape
  • Chisel your jawline
  • Contour the hollow of eyes

For softer shaping use the larger, rounded end of Micro.Mini to:

  • Shade the outer perimeter of your face, forehead, temples, cheeks and jaw

Handcrafted in the USA.

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