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  • Ben Nye - StarLuxe Palette
  • Ben Nye - StarLuxe Palette

Ben Nye - StarLuxe Palette


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Introducing the newest full-coverage foundation palette on the block - Ben Nye's StarLuxe Palette!  Complementing your kit in 8 fresh-from-the-lab foundations, this palette boasts the full line of StarLuxe foundations.  The coverage is flawless, the feel is plush and the look is positively radiant.  This foundation palette doesn't just look amazing - it performs well under pressure, such as on the stars of the hit television series "Dancing With the Stars!"  Picture-perfect finish and high-performance durability make this foundation an ideal choice for soap operas, TV anchors and hosts.  Each pan is set in a sturdy fiberboard palette and now features a handy window in the magnetic closure top flap! Set your StarLUXE with Ben Nye MediaPRO HD Matte Powder, Bella Luxury Powder or Mojave Luxury Powders for extended wearability.

Palette Includes:

Chamonix (RXLX-05)

Haute Chic (RSLX-11)

Keylight (RSLX-09)

Savoir Fair (RSLX-01)

Ski Party (RLSX-13)

Special Bronze (RSLX-19)

Weekender (RSLX-03)

Palette Measures: 8.2" x 4.75"  0.5" - 208mm x 121mm x 13mm.

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