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  • Encore HAIR & BEARD Palette - Light - Dark

Encore HAIR & BEARD Palette - Light - Dark

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Encore HAIR & BEARD alcohol activated palettes provide instant, water resistant and fast drying colour for hair, beard and brow. Encore HAIR & BEARD colours blend with natural hair shades providing completely seamless look and water and sweat resistant performance. It is an ideal hair makeup when it comes to special fx, film, fashion, broadcasting, bridal and stunt man applications.

Encore HAIR & BEARD palettes come standard with EBA's signature magnetic case allowing for endless customization and easy individual colour restocking.

*Encore HAIR & BEARD palettes can be activated by 99% alcohol.  

*Shrinkage, cracks and bubbles are normal in alcohol palettes, and does not affect the quality or performance of the product in any way. 

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