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  • GM Foam Latex MICAD (DG)

GM Foam Latex MICAD (DG)

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MICAD is a foam latex additive that allows whipping to greater volumes while still keeping the cells fine. Very soft foams can be achieved using this additive. Normally, high rise foams tend to get thick, and the cells become large. With this additive, the cells still remain small, and the foam remains pourable. Use 2 to 8 grams MICAD per 150 grams High Grade Latex Base. There will be greater frothing action, and the foam will rise higher in the bowl, producing a softer foam after curing.

For those of you who enjoy pushing the limits, you can make a mixture of additives to achieve EXTREMELY soft foams that move and wrinkle just like flesh. This is especially useful for animatronics and large pull-over masks. Since all of GM Foam’s additives are compatible, you can use them in conjunction with each other.


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