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  • Ikoo Brush

Ikoo Brush

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Together, product designers and hair professionals developed ikoo detangler as highly functional and innovative product that hold a great emphasis on current trends design and style. 

ikoo’s “Chessboard Function” bristle panel has been designed by traditional Chinese medicine (short TCM) doctors. It’s structure of four long and four short bristles arranged together, provides painless detangling of the hair, what ever the hair type, made up from natural materials such as acrylic and precious resin and constructed without animal glues mean ikoo brushes are suitable for vegans.

TCM Effect : The focus lies in the stimulation of energy meridians, while massaging the scalp through the concave shape, ensuring detangling is pain-free. Through daily self-application with the ikoo brush, relaxation and well-being is increased and can lead to the improvement of the health condition such as stress, strain and discomfort. These are reduced and treated.

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