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  • MEL PAX Kit - Effects Collection

MEL PAX Kit - Effects Collection



Mel PAX Kit  - Effects Collection is a premiere line of PAX makeup paints used by top SFX pros in film and TV production.  This water-based adhesive liquid makeup color system is loved for it's versatile use and wear in a wide variety of makeup special effects.  It can be applied by hand with a sponge or brush, or thinned and applied through an airbrush, for a strong and durable waterproof finish that is flexible in wear.  It delivers total opaque coverage, or it can be thinned down to create translucent washes of colors or glazes with staying power that is totally smudge and budge proof.

*Kit contains 8 colors, plus a bottle of MelPAX Thinner. 

This kit includes the most desired colors used in creating a variety of SFX traumas or characer looks: Alien Green, Black, Blood Blister, Bruise Yellow, Capillary Shadow, Clotted Red, Corpse Flesh, and Mold Green.

*Contains 2 oz bottles in package. 

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