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  • Moonstruck Effects -  Lemmy Teeth

Moonstruck Effects - Lemmy Teeth


No Variants

Nerds RULE!! Hyperrealistic buck teeth.

*(Random Braces Color)

The ProFX Teeth are realistic looking teeth that you can apply over your own teeth, using nothing else but hot water. These teeth are generic unisex teeth. That means you do not need a cast of your teeth to have these teeth fitted... You make the fit! The ProFX Teeth cover the front of your teeth, which means you are still able to talk or drink. You can simply alter the curve of the ProFX Teeth to that of your own with hot water, in just a couple of minutes.

All ProFX Teeth are delivered in a transparent box, accompanied by the Fitting Beads that are needed to fit the teeth; together with a full color, easy-to-follow manual.

That manual contains images and tips to simplify the process of fitting the teeth.

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