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  • Mouldlife Tattoo Paper

Mouldlife Tattoo Paper



*This product is ONLY available in store! 

2 Part Water Slide Paper & Acetate tattoo Paper

*Size: 20" (50.8cm) x26 (66.04) " 

Print straight through your laser printer to create realistic looking fake tattoos in minutes.  

Mouldlife single sheet tattoo paper is simple and quick as you simply print out onto a single sheet of special clear film, cut out and apply directly onto the skin, ideal for kids, parties and fancy dress accessories.

Steps on how to create a tattoo transfer:

Using a laser printer, print your image on the shiny side of the thick "paper".
Cut around the image.
Apply adhesive (Prosaide Original for example) to the image side of the tattoo, coating the entire image and surrounding area, and allow to dry.
Place the tattoo, image side down to the skin and press a wet sponge against the tattoo. Press down from the centre outwards to help release the image from the paper.
Remove the paper and allow the tattoo to dry.
Seal with a matter sealing spray. 
*Please note, the clear film is for use with prosthetics and won't be required if you're using the paper for tattoo making.

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