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  • PS Composites Pro-Gel 10

PS Composites Pro-Gel 10



Pro-Gel 10 is a new advanced prosthetic-grade silicone. It is a two-part platinum silicone system with a mix ratio of 1:1. The Pro-Gel 10 system is unique to PS Composites, and has been engineered to bond to cap-plastic like no other material in its field. It has a lower viscosity than other prosthetic silicone systems on the market, allowing it to travel into the mould at a greater speed and minimizing the likelihood of air bubbles (thus reducing the probability of unusable pieces from moulds). It also has a very fast de-mould time of 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature. At present it’s being used in great quantities in the film & television industry by leading industry professionals. By mixing Pro-Gel 10 Softener to the two-part Pro-Gel 10 system at a ratio of anywhere from 30-100%, you can soften the silicone to give it the feel of human skin.

*Please note Pro-Gel 10 Softener is not part of the kit and has to be ordered separately.

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