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  • TILT - Bruise Powder

TILT - Bruise Powder

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Bruise powder is specially formulated to be pressure activated to produce highly realistic contusions (bruising) and abrasions (small cuts and scratches).  You can use it directly on skin or on special effects appliances, and it can be used with fantastic results on patient simulators (manikins).
The red toned powder can be lightly dusted on with a sponge or brush to form the look of the injury.  Then it is rubbed on the skin with fingers to create a bit of friction which produces a deeper tonality to create bruising depth.  Wherever it is rubbed it will change from a red tone to a purplish black tone to simulate realistic bruising. 
A little bit goes a long way, so don't over-do the application or the rubbing for believable results. You want to maintain some red to dark purple contrasts so it looks like it has real dimension, especially if you are simulating fresh bruising.  It's great to use for frostbite too!
It's great to use in conjunction with other products to give texture to the look, especially with alcohol activated makeups.  Can be sealed with a makeup setting spray to make a waterproof and rub proof application.  Removes from skin with soap and water, or makeup cleanser. 

*2 grams 

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