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  • Re-usable Tear Blower kit

Burman Industries - Tear Blower Complete Kit

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Tear Blower is a professional make-up artist’s tool, consisting of an acrylic tube filled with menthol crystals. The Tear Blower can be used repeatedly until the menthol crystals lose their effectiveness and is refillable. Fill the end with cotton wool to act as a filter (do not pack the end too tight with it). Then fill with menthol crystals and close the acrylic tube by attaching the mouthpiece. Position the output end about 10 cm from the actor’s eye, and blow into the mouthpiece. The menthol vapours that stream into the actor’s eyes will produce immediate tears. Build-up the intensity of blowing until reaching the desired effect. Hygienize often.

*The kit includes: TILT Tear Blower + Menthol Crystals + Cotton Wool. 

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