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  • Vermillion FX SILIGLASS
  • Vermillion FX SILIGLASS




Clear fake glass shards made from silicone to safely create the illusion of shattered glass in special effect make up wounds or for use on set as props.

Siliglass can be used in the medium – large shard sizes as sold or easily snapped or crumbled to create a variety of realistic glass effects as required.

Brilliant for Halloween creations to add a professional slice of gore!

The shards are extremely lightweight so when crumbled they can be used into bloods wounds and larger shards inserted into deeper SFX wounds. To apply to more superficial skin ‘cuts’ use a safe skin adhesive such as Prosaide to keep them attached.

Siliglass can be washed and re-used depending on the volume of glue used during application.

CAUTION – As with all professional make up products, keep Siliglass away from children due to its small size. Not to be swallowed.


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