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TILT Makeup Pro Scheme - Application Form, FAQ's and Terms & Conditions


Welcome to the TILT Makeup Pro Scheme. Membership is open to working Professional Makeup Artists ONLY. Orders by/for Productions/Companies/Educational-Establishments can NOT make use of the Pro Scheme (they should contact us to open a business account with its own specific terms). We've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to sign-up and at the same time keep a rigorous vetting process. This is to ensure that you and the Make-up Artist's community can enjoy and share the exclusive benefits of this scheme. You just have to submit the online form provided below and after processing it we will contact you by email to request any additional information needed to complete the sign-up or to inform you of your membership details. No paperwork back and forth! We've tried to make this process as hassle-free as possible. All documentation can be submitted/exchanged online if you so wish. Check the FAQ's at the bottom of this page that should give you clear picture of how everything works. And make sure to read the Terms & Conditions that you will have to agree to (see below to check the specific Terms & Conditions of the TILT Pro Scheme. As well as these, the TILT Pro Scheme is governed by our general Discount and Promotional Codes - Terms & Conditions)

IMPORTANT: After you submit your form, don't forget to check the verification email to confirm that you applied. Just click 'Confirm' there and the rest is up to us! (this 2-step verification is to ensure that spammers/robots don't compromise the safety of everyone's data). Also, make sure to add tilt.pro@tiltmakeup.com and info@tiltmakeup.com to your email's address-book to make sure our emails aren't filtered into your spam folder.


a) When using your Personal Discount Code online, you will have to login to your Customer Account at www.tiltmakeup.com. You can sign in at the top of the page at www.tiltmakeup.com. If the Discount Code is used outside of your Costumer Account our systems flag it as a security breach and your code will be suspended pending review of the incident. This is mainly to protect your security and reputation. We've set the TILT Makeup Professional Scheme as our way of contributing to the progress of the Makeup Artist's community, to build its and your reputation, and feel strongly that no one outside of the TILT Makeup Pro Scheme is entitled to enjoy the benefits of membership. Again, the TILT Makeup Pro Scheme is aimed at individual working Make-up Artists, not students or companies (other options are available for those cases).

b) The scope of the Personal Discount Code in your TILT Pro Scheme membership excludes the 'ZUCA' ,'Mr. Dashbo', 'Babyliss', 'Glamcor' and 'Golden Supreme' product ranges, post/packaging fees, Gift Certificates, Makeovers, Workshops/Courses and Agency bookings. If any discounts are offered on these items they will be done so outside the TILT Makeup Pro Scheme.

c) Applications that do not include all mandatory fields (*) will be disregarded/deleted without any notice given to the applicant.




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The Terms & Conditions are: our Promotions & Discount Codes Policy, the Terms & Conditions and our Privacy and Cookies Policy



If you're interested in applying for the TILT Makeup Pro Scheme but still have some unanswered questions, find below a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list for the most usual ones. Still have some questions? Email tilt.pro@tiltmakeup.com or call 020 7485 0500 (UK) / +44 2074 850 500 (International calls) during our opening hours.

What do I get if I become a member of the TILT Makeup Pro Scheme ?

- Free membership
- 10% discount on most products, online and in-store*
- Advance notification of upcoming Sales/Big Savings campaigns** ***

*   Excludes the ZUCA and Mr Dashbo product ranges, post/packaging fees, Gift Certificates, Makeovers, Workshops/Courses and Agency bookings. If any discounts are offered on these items they will be done so outside the TILT Makeup Pro Scheme.
**  We will notify you by email, in advance of Sales/Big Savings campaigns. What this means is that the discounts are already available to anyone but no publicity ,apart from the legally mandatory, has been made of them. You will in effect have priority to place your order on the existing stock covered by that campaign.
*** The TILT Makeup Pro Scheme will usually be suspended during the Sales/Big Savings campaigns periods if the discounts are above the Pro Discount and are being applied to all products. If that is not the case, be aware though, that the TILT Makeup Pro Scheme terms do not allow you to combine offers, as explained further down.

How do I become a member?
To apply to the TILT Makeup Pro Scheme fill and submit the Application Form provided above. Be as thorough as you possibly can to speed up the processing of your application.

Who can become a member?
Membership is open to working Professional Makeup Artists. Other schemes apply to students, (in-store only).

How long does it take for an application to be processed and how long will it take to know if it was approved or not?
After you submit your application form you will immediately receive an email acknowledging reception of the application together with a request to verify your email address (depending on your email provider's spam filter you may have to look in your spam/junk folder to find it. If that happens, please make sure to add our email address to your contacts/address book/safe senders so as to receive follow-up emails in your inbox). 
We will then verify your application and inform you if it was accepted, if any additional information is required or if it was rejected at that stage. This should take no more than 7 (seven) working days.

What additional information must I supply to qualify for membership (if missing from your sign-up form)?
One of the following:
-Business card with name and specific profession
-Crew call list in company letterhead
-Reference letter from employer
-IMDB link
-Own website with up-to-date references (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Profiles are not valid. Facebook Business Pages, whatever its 'type' are accepted)

After we process your application we will write to you requesting one of these documents/references. These documents can be submitted by post or email (as a link or legible scan/photo/pdf file). Also, we reserve the right to ask for additional information/clarifications. Note that if you already submitted a link in the relevant sign-up form field, we will skip this step and inform you of having qualified for membership. 

How much does the membership cost?
Registration and membership are free.

What Terms and Conditions apply?
Membership of the TILT Makeup Pro Scheme is governed by the specific Terms outlined above and our Promotional & Discount Codes Policy, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Where can I use my Professional Discount?
Online at www.tiltmakeup.com.

When do I receive my Pro Scheme Personal Discount Code?
When we inform you that you qualified for the TILT Makeup Pro Scheme your Personal Discount Code will be mentioned in that email. That email is, for all intents and purposes, your Digital Pro Card. Keep it safe for future reference. If you delete it or can't find it, write to us requesting a re-issue. Make sure to contact us through the same email account you've provided on your membership details.

How do I shop with my Professional Discount?
If you are buying on www.tiltmakeup.com, you will need to access your Customer Account. The prices you see will be shown without discount. Only when finalizing your order, on check-out, will you be given the option to insert your Personal Pro Scheme Discount Code, shown on your Digital Professional Card in your confirmation of membership email. Your discount will then be applied to the value of your purchase. The Discount does not apply to post/packaging fees and other services as outlined above. After your first purchase it is imperative you use your Personal Pro Scheme Discount Code having accessed your Costumer Account. Failure to do so will be treated as a misuse of your personal discount code.
If you are buying in-store, the staff will ask you to show your digital TILT Professional Card sent in the confirmation of membership email as well as proof of ID. They will then put your discount through at the till when finishing the transaction. Don't have a smart-phone or internet connection on your telephone? If you bring a print of the confirmation email with the Digital Pro Card shown there, it will be accepted as well.

I DON'T have a Customer Account on the website!
Don't worry. If you never shopped with us online, you will be given the option to create a Customer Account when you reach the check-out stage of your first order. This will save details like your name and address (it will never save payment details), which relieves you of the hassle of having to input these details every time you shop with us. Please do try to use the same exact contact details you provided in your Pro Scheme application form. Either way, you can use your Personal Pro Scheme Discount Code right away with your first online order and start enjoying the full benefits of membership! 

I already have a Customer Account on the website! Do I need to set up a new one?
If you already have a Customer Account you do not need to set up a new one or reset your password. We do advise though, that your Customer Account data should match the data you supplied with your Pro Scheme submission form.  You can use your Personal Pro Scheme Discount Code right away with your next online order and start enjoying the full benefits of membership! Your Pro Card will be shipped with your first order.

I see other offers and/or promotional codes available. Can I use them?
Members of the TILT Makeup Pro Scheme are not allowed to combine offers. You should opt between your Pro Discount or available offers/promotional codes on offer. In Sales/Big Savings periods your Personal Pro Scheme Discount Code will be temporarily suspended if the discounts are above the Pro Discount and are being applied to all products. As a benefit from your TILT Makeup Pro Scheme membership you will be notified in advance of those upcoming periods.

In what currencies do you sell?
At the moment, all orders placed are charged in £GBP. If you are an international customer conversion to your currency (and billing of any additional charges you might incur in the process) will be made by your payment provider.

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