Professional Use Only Policy

TILT Professional Makeup operates on a ‘sell to trade'-only basis for most items. All products are sold only on the understanding that they are to be used for the purpose intended by a qualified and insured person of adult age on themselves or another person of adult age. This means TILT Professional Makeup will accept no responsibility if the products are incorrectly used and cause any kind of harm or damage.

You also acknowledge to be such a knowledgeable, qualified and insured person of adult age at the time of purchase.

TILT Professional Makeup also reserves itself the right to refuse a customer if it has grounds to believe that they are not a qualified professional.


All products should be patch tested on a skin area (such as the elbow or wrist) before use to assess any adverse/allergic reactions. Under no circumstances should products be used in the eye or mucous membrane (nostrils, etc) areas. 


(as per the sub-section of section 5 of our T&Cs)