(as per SECTION 8 of our Terms & Conditions)

Payment is to be made in Pounds Sterling (£). When applicable, international credit card providers or banks will determine the exchange rate, and may add an additional processing or administration charge which you will be liable to pay.  If a refund happens, for whatever reason, we are not liable to refund any additional charge your bank/card-processor may have applied to the first payment transaction neither are we liable to match the value of the refund in your home country currency.

For U.K. customers, all product prices shown on the website are inclusive of any applicable UK VAT. For European Union orders not exceeding £135.00 in final value of goods, prices shown are inclusive of applicable VAT at the rate of the customer's country.

For customers outside the U.K. all product prices shown on the website are exclusive of UK VAT (except for those E.U. customers with orders where the final value of goods is below £135.00).

This means that the total price you pay us for products or for the delivery, is always the same, regardless of whether or not UK VAT is chargeable on the sale.

You will be the importer for all international deliveries of the products. Therefore, before placing an order for goods, it is your responsibility to check that your import of any products ordered comply with state and national/federal government import regulations, and that there are no local requirements or restrictions which may affect receipt of your order.


*EU stands for European Union

**VAT stands for Value Added Tax. Also know in other countries as TVA, IVA, MwSt., Moms, Ust., BTW, DPA, AFA, PVN, PVM, PTU, DPH, DDV, CBL, km, ΦΠΑ, ДДС, etc.