Please complete the application form HERE (click link/underlined-text) and read the below carefully. The application form is also going to ask for your agreement to these Terms and Conditions with specific mentions to the Pro Scheme and its Discount codes.

Membership is free and is open to working Professional Makeup Artists ONLY.

What is the TILT Professional (Discount) Scheme?

  • It is open to WORKING Professional Makeup Artists. Hair and Prosthetics are included, but at this time nail technicians and general beauty therapy activities are not within the scope covered by the TILT Pro Scheme. Orders for Productions/Companies/Schools can NOT make use of the Pro Scheme. They should instead apply for a Trade Account.
  • You get 10% discount on ALL products, including electricals... no exclusions! (available to use in-store and online); 25% discount on Make Up For Ever (in-store ONLY. 10% online), and advance notification of upcoming Sales/Big Savings campaigns by email before sales go live.

How do I apply?

  • Click here to complete the online form.
  •  You will receive a verification email to confirm that it was you that subscribed to the TILT Pro Discount. Do not ignore it! Click the link in it to move the application process forward.
  • After submitting your online form, please email us at tilt.pro@tiltmakeup.com with one of the below if you left the "Proof of working makeup Artist" field blank in the application form.

             - Crew call list in company letterhead OR
             - Reference letter from employer OR
             - IMDB link OR
             - Own website with up-to-date references and data that can be matched to the ones provided in the application (Twitter, Instagram
              and Facebook profiles not accepted. Facebook Business page, whatever the 'type' is, will be accepted)

  • Please add tilt.pro@tiltmakeup.com and info@tiltmakeup.com to your email's address-book to make sure our emails aren't filtered into your spam folder. 
  • We might contact you by email if we need additional info to complete your application. 
  • Your discount code will be in the email we'll send informing you that you qualified for the TILT Makeup Pro Scheme membership. Keep it safe for future reference AND to show in-store at the time of any purchase. If you delete it or can't find it, email us and we can send it to you again. Make sure to contact us through the same email account you've provided on your membership application details. .

How long does it take to process?

  • It takes around 10 days to process.
  • Applications go into a queuing system and we receive many applications a day. In the interest of fairness, we cannot speed up this process or prioritise an application.

Where can I use my Pro Discount?


  • If you are buying in-store, our staff will ask you to show your digital TILT Professional Card sent in the confirmation of membership email as well as proof of ID.
  • Printed copies of your confirmation email with the Digital Pro Card shown will be accepted too.


  • To use your discount code online you must always be logged into your customer account. Failure to do so will be treated as a misuse of your personal discount code and it may be deactivated.
  • Enter your discount code at checkout in the discount code field. You can find this once you click 'checkout', to the right of the page, under the basket preview. (see below image guide)  
  • The price you see will be shown without discount as you add items to your shopping cart. Enter your discount code at checkout in the discount code field. You can find this once you click 'checkout', to the right of the page, under the basket preview. 
  • Unauthorised discount codes obtained from third party websites will not be honoured.
  • If the Discount Code is used outside of your Customer Account on the website our systems flag it as a security breach and your code will be suspended pending review of the incident.
  • Improper use of the code will result in the code being deactivated.
  • Discount codes cannot be used for special orders. Special orders are those where we source or modify products specifically for you that we either don't hold in stock at that moment or ever.

Phone order:

  • To use your discount code for a phone order, please ensure you share your discount code with the person taking your order before payment is made.
  • We cannot apply discount, or refund the discount, if the code wasn't shared before the payment stage. 

I forgot to apply my Discount Code to my order. What now?

We can not redeem/refund your discount retrospectively when you forget to apply it in the appropriate field of the checkout process, in-store or by phone order at the time of placing your order. It is your responsability to ensure the Discount Code is applied at the time of placing your order. If the Discount Code "isn't working" you should get in touch with us to have the issue resolved BEFORE you place your order. Again, if an order was placed, billed, paid and dispatched/picked-up in-store, and you did not apply your Personal Discount Code that is understood and agreed as you having forfeited your right to it as part of the Pro Scheme rules.

We will accomodate those instances where an order is yet to be shipped/picked-up in-store and we are notified that you forgot to place your Discount Code. We will then cancel and refund the order so you can place it again using your Personal Discount Code. We will have had to have reasonable notification of this event though. It is best to get in touch by phone directly (not by voicemail) than by email.

I don’t have a customer account on the website, do I need to set up a new one?

  • Yes. You can do it here. If you never shopped with us online, you will be given the option to create a Customer Account when you reach the check-out stage of your first order. This will save details like your name and address AND previous order history (it will never save card/payment method details).
  • Please do try to use the same exact contact details you provided in your Pro Scheme application form.

I already have a customer account on the website, do I need to set up a new one?

  • If you already have a Customer Account on the website you do not need to set up a new one or reset your password. Do not forget to tick the box in the submission form to let us know that you do have one. We do advise though, that your Customer Account data should match the data you supplied with your Pro Discount Scheme submission form.

I see other offers and promo codes available. Can I use them on top of my Pro Discount?

  • Your Pro Discount Code cannot be combined with other discount codes.
  • Your Pro Discount Code cannot be combined with the Tilt Loyalty Points programme.
  • Your Pro Discount Code cannot be applied to sale items.

Why was my application declined?

Your application will be declined and deleted if:

  • You do not provide valid proof of being a working Makeup Artist after we request it.
  • You did not accept the Terms & Conditions in your submission form.
  • We will NOT notify you if your application is declined as not following all mandatory steps will imply you do not wish to follow through with the application and all the personal data you provided will be deleted without possibility of recovery.


- TILT Professional Makeup reserves the right to terminate or change the terms and rules of this discount programme without notice.

- The terminology "TILT Makeup Professional (Discount) Scheme", "TILT Pro Scheme", "Pro Discount Scheme" and variants are used interchangeably to signify the same.

Governing Policies

The Pro Discount Scheme is governed by :

- our Discount and Promotional Codes Policy,

- our Terms & Conditions

- and Privacy Policy