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  • MAQPRO - Airbrush Thinner 335 (DG)

MAQPRO - Airbrush Thinner 335 (DG)



**PRO TIP! Airbush Thinner 335 can be used with MAQPRO Fard Creme colors to create a water-resistant wash of color. 

Dilutes oil-based products for use with an airbrush.

The Airbrush Thinner 335  is an oil used to dilute foundations and various oil-based artistic makeup textures to make them thinner and easier to use in air brush applications.

It can be applied on the body including the face.

The Airbrush Thinner 335 is completely colorless and does not change the color of the makeup products used. The result can be more transparent or opaque depending on the amount used.

 Available Sizes: 60ml & 125ml 

Maqpro products are TILT branded. 

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