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  • Last Object - Last Tissue

Last Object - Last Tissue



  • Eco friendly alternative to single use disposable tissues
  • LastTissue replaces 3100 single use tissues making it the ethical choice
  • Comes in a recycled or plant based plastic case
  • Durable, practical, hygienic, easy to clean using soap & water   

Product Details

LastObject is an innovative Danish company whose mission is to eliminate single use products by creating end to end sustainable and reusable alternatives. 

With an aim to produce high quality, functioning and practical products with an emphasis on using environmentally respectful materials such as organic cotton, plant based or toxin free plastics and recycled ocean plastic.

Making every effort to use more eco friendly materials in their production.

The genius LastTissue recycled dispensing case contains 6 reusable cotton tissues that can be washed easily using warm water and soap.

Perfect for clean ups. 

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