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  • Skin Illustrator - CANNOM MONSTER PALETTE
  • Skin Illustrator - CANNOM MONSTER PALETTE




From the Cannom Collection of PM Colors, comes the Monster Palette.    Based on the original William Tuttle cream/wax formulas, these six colours are favourites of four-time Oscar winner, Greg Cannom, and he has used them to create every one of his movie monsters - From The Howling to Dracula and beyond.  The Cannom Monster Palette has been an essential part of Greg's makeup kit and it has helped to define his career.

The colours, Elvira, Porcelain and Bordeaux where all used on The Howling.  They were also used on the Frankenstein monster in the film, Van Helsing.  Bordeaux is also excellent for doing zombies, as well as old-age makeups. 

Two others amazingly versatile colours are Shadower and Shadower 2.  "The Shadower colors are two of my favourites, they are both so subtle, yet incredibly versatile.  I used both for old-age makeups on Russell Crow in The Insider, and Gloria Steward in Titanic.  To the other extreme, I used them constantly on Dracula, Hannibal and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Combined with any one of the HD Matting Sprays, the Cannom PM Colors will not fade or smudge, and they will stay in place for as long as you need.

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