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Trade Account Application

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Please read all terms and conditions set out below carefully. 30-day accounts are only open to UK registered retailers, schools, theatre and film companies. Account applications are subject to review. 

    • Please complete the account application form HERE.This should only be completed online by someone in your accounts department. 
    • Please send us a copy of your purchase order for our records. The purchase order must contain your delivery address, billing address and details, VAT and company registration number.
    • We cannot open a blanket account for a production company that encompasses multiple projects. A new account form will need to be filled in for each project and each account will be considered separate from the other. If a school has multiple branches, each should open their own account.
    • We require payment upfront for the first order. The first order must be a minimum of £100. Notwithstanding, note that the second and third orders cannot be a value above 3 times that of the first order that was paid upfront (e.g. if your first order - paid upfront - was for a value of £500.00, the second and third orders cannot exceed £1,500.00 each).
    • Once we receive the requested information we will advise whether your account application has been successful or not. If successful, and after the first order has been paid, your account will be open and we can start receiving purchase orders from your company.
    • Payment for all orders following the first order will be due in 30 days. If paying by cheque, please ensure the cheque is received at our offices before the end of the 30 days (day 1 being the date on the invoice). Along with the cheque, please include Tilt's order/invoice number(s). Payments by bank transfer must include the invoice number(s) in the reference.
    • Please provide the email address where you would like your invoices sent to. Only invoices received from an @ tiltmakeup .com email to the accounts email you provided should be paid to avoid any confusion.
    • Please provide a list of people who are authorised to order on the account. We cannot accept orders from people not named on the authorised to order list.
    • Orders cannot be held for more than 7 days. Please ensure payment is made or PO is sent to us before the end of the 7th day. Orders will be cancelled and put back into stock after the 7th day. This is to help us ensure stock availability for all customers. Should you wish to place the order after the initial order is cancelled, we will raise a new order for you though stock availability cannot be guaranteed. 
    • Accounts will automatically be closed if they are inactive for 3 or more months. If this happens, you cannot submit another application until 1 month has past. Applications that were successful the first time are not guaranteed to be successful the second time. 
    • Accounts may be closed at any time at the discretion of TILT Professional Makeup.
    • No new orders will be accepted if your account is in debit for any overdue invoice (issued more than 30 days ago). 
    • Credit limits may apply.
    • These conditions may be amended at any time at the discretion of TILT Professional Makeup.

    IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE: Orders on account will not be shipped/released for collection without a PO or allocated PO number. If only a PO number is available, it must be confirmed by the accounts department. If you’re order is urgent and cannot wait for the PO, we would advise you to place an order online or over the phone and pay by card. 


    If you have a QR code reader on your mobile, you can scan the image below to access the application form on your device.

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