What is the TILT Student (Discount) Scheme?

  • It is open to students currently enrolled in courses related to Makeup and hairdressing/wig-making. The duration of your course/degree can not be LESS than 3 months. At this time training as nail technician and general beauty therapist is not within the scope covered by the TILT Student Scheme.
  • You get 10% off of most products sold online and in store excluding: Electrical items, ‘Create PRO’, 'ZUCA’, 'Mr. Dashbo', 'Skin Illustrator/Telesis/PPI', 'BluebirdFX/The-Dark-Arts-Co.', 'BaByliss', 'The Makeup Light' and 'Golden Supreme' product ranges, shipping fees, Gift Certificates, Makeovers; Mirror, Chair and Studio hire.
  • Your membership of the TILT Student Scheme will last for the duration of your course/degree PLUS an extension of 6 months after it has ended. We add this extension as we're all to aware of how tricky it is to get a firm foothold in the industry and collect all the info you'd require to apply for our Pro Scheme. With this extension we hope you'll have the breathing space to give your first steps in the industry and at the end of it, if you so wish, to apply to the TILT Pro Scheme in possession of all the 'proof of working makeup artist' documents required.

How do I apply?

  • Please complete the application form HERE (click link/underlined-text). The application form is also going to ask for your agreement to these terms and conditions  (click link/underlined-text) specifically related to the Pro Scheme and Discount codes.
  • After submitting your online form, please email us a copy of your valid student ID to students@tiltmakeup.com.
  • If your application is successful, you will receive an email with your discount code.

How long does it take to process?

  • It takes around 10 days to process.
  • Applications go into a queuing system and we receive many applications a day. In the interest of fairness, we cannot speed up this process or prioritise an application.

Where can I use my Student Discount?


  • If you use your discount in store, please present the email showing your discount code and present your student ID.


  • Enter your discount code at checkout in the discount code field. You can find this once you click 'checkout', to the right of the page, under the basket preview (see below). ONLY after you apply and validate your Discount Code are prices updated to reflect the discount.

I don’t have a customer account on the website, do I need to set up a new one?

  • Yes. You can do it here. At the time of processing your application, if successful, we will also format your website Account to enable the Discount Code to be accepted whenever you enter it in the appropriate field at checkout stage. You should create it before submitting your application and tick the appropriate box in the submission form to let us know that this has been done. If it hasn't, the discount code will not work even if you were accepted to the Student Discount Scheme
  • Please do try to use the same exact contact details you provided in your Student Scheme application form.

I already have a customer account on the website, do I need to set up a new one?

  • If you already have a Customer Account on the website you do not need to set up a new one or reset your password. Do not forget to tick the box in the submission form to let us know that you do have one. We do advise though, that your Customer Account data should match the data you supplied with your Student Discount Scheme submission form.

I see other offers and promo codes available. Can I use them on top of my Student Discount?

  • Your Student Discount Code cannot be combined with other discount codes.
  • Your Student Discount Code cannot be combined with the Tilt Loyalty Points programme.
  • Your Student Discount Code cannot be applied to sale items.

Why was my application declined?

Your application will be declined and deleted if:

  • You do not provide proof of valid student ID.
  • You do not complete the application form in full.
  • Your subject of study is deemed as not included in the TILT Student Scheme scope
  • The duration of your course/degree is LESS than 3 months
  • You did not accept the Terms & Conditions
  • We will NOT notify you if your application is declined as not following all mandatory steps will imply you do not wish to follow through with the application.


TILT Professional Makeup reserves the right to terminate or change the terms and rules of this discount programme without notice.

Governing Policies

The Student Discount is governed by :

- our Discount and Promotional Codes Policy,

- our Terms & Conditions

- and Privacy Policy