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  • BluebirdFX  Dead (8 Colour Palette)
  • BluebirdFX  Dead (8 Colour Palette)
  • BluebirdFX  Dead (8 Colour Palette). Bluebird FX range available at TILT Makeup. London/UK make-up shop and online

BluebirdFX Dead (8 Colour Palette)


No Variants

The only palette of its kind! A range of colours including iridescent pigments for the creation of translucent, waxy, dead looking skin. Death has never looked this awesome!

Colours: (Liquorice, Dark Green Pearl, Pistachio, Light Blue Pearl, Nougat, Lilac Pearl, White, Bloody Mary)

The Bluebird Ink Palettes are creamy with a lusciously rich colour. They have an amazing coverage and consistency. Palette colours are activated with a spray or dab of alcohol and have spectacular staying power.

The Bluebird Ink Palettes are perfect for covering tattoos and for creating effects such as scars and bruises.

All can be used on silicon and latex. 

*Shrinkage, cracks and bubbles are normal in alcohol palettes, and does not affect the quality or performance of the product in any way. 

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