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  • Bruise Gel by Glynn McKay
  • Bruise Gel by Glynn McKay
  • Bruise Gel by Glynn McKay

Bruise Gel by Glynn McKay



Bruise Gels are great for creating bruise and broken-down effects on the skin. The nine colours can be used alone or in combination to simulate all stages of bruising and healing.

Colours can also be used for other effects such as:

  • Blue - frostbite
  • Purple - most skin damage and abrasions
  • Red - use near new lacerations and injuries, burn simulations and irritation
  • Yellow - jaundice
  • Green - infection simulations
  • Dark Red - use near aged lacerations and injuries, severe burn simulations, heavy irritation of skin
  • Raw - sunburned, generally irritated and raw skin
  • Oil - closely matches the colour of oil, dirt simulation
  • Brown - darkening light skin, use around burns and lacerations

Apply very sparingly by dabbing it on - a little goes a long way! - avoiding the eyes. Additional applications will deepen the effect, if required. Washes off with soap and water. Complies with UK and EU Cosmetic Legislation, is vegan-friendly and not tested on animals.

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