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  • TWEEZERMAN Classic Lash Curler

TWEEZERMAN Classic Lash Curler

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Experience the perfect merging of form and function for creating the most expressive eyes. This best-selling curler is expertly crafted to create beautifully enduring curl. The silicone lash pad is thick and round to form a more intense curl without ever creasing lashes.For optimum performance, hygiene and to prevent eye infections, make sure to replace pads after 3 months and the curler every 12 months.

Tips & Tricks : Open eyes wide to insert and center lashes. With curler pad positioned at the base of your lash line, hold handles firmly and gently squeeze. Hold for a few seconds, then open curler slowly to completely release lashes. Repeat for an even more intense curl. To take the best care of your curler replace the pads every 3 months, clean/wipe with alcohol and replace curlers every 12 months to prevent growth of bacteria.

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