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  • Da Vinci Brush Cleaning Soap

Da Vinci Brush Cleaning Soap


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Make your brushes last longer by proper cleaning and conditioning.
Just like your own hair, brushes benefit from moisturizing treatments.
Da Vinci famous conditioning brush soap based with vegetable oils keeps natural hair and synthetic fibers smooth and elastic.

Tips for cleaning and maintenance of cosmetic brushes:
Wash brushes regularly.
Take care that all makeup remains are removed from the brush, especially around the edge of the metal ferrule.
Massage brush soap into wet brush head thoroughly to ensure the reconditioning action.
Rinse. After rinsing, gently remove excess water with a soft cloth by wiping in the direction of the brush tip, bringing the brush back to its original shape.
Lay brush flat to dry. Let the brush dry completely before next use.
•This small effort pays off by increasing brush-life and maintaining the natural elasticity and suppleness of the brush.

Metal box with a content of 40 g. 

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