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  • **SALE** GM Foam Latex Cell Choke

**SALE** GM Foam Latex Cell Choke

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“Cell Choke” is a foam latex additive that produces finer cells, and makes softer foam, even when not whipped to higher volumes. Normally, finer cells in foam make it thick and hard to pour. With “Cell Choke”, the foam still pours normally, so there is less need to worry about trapping air bubbles. The cured foam ends up softer, too. Use 2 to 5 grams Cell Choke per 150 grams High Grade Latex Base. 

Here’s how it works: Cell Choke causes a different kind of frothing action. The cells will be smaller, and the overall look of the foam is shinier. Since it causes a bit of extra frothing action, take care to not overwhip. You may need to turn the mixer’s whip speed down a bit earlier to achieve normal height in the bowl. At normal whipping height, the finished foam piece will be softer than usual, and the cells will be finer.


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