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  • Joico Tint Shot Root Concealer (DG)

Joico Tint Shot Root Concealer (DG)



That colour appointment is still a few weeks out… but those telltale roots are right on time. The ultimate MacGyver solution? A few strategic passes of Tint Shot, Joico's master-in-disguise root concealer that keeps grow-out under lock and key.

With a flash-dry formula that’s humidity resistant and four custom-blended shades, this little can of brilliance not only blends the bad stuff in seconds, but actually fills in thinning areas to create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

Tint Shot is stocked with the exclusive Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex, which repairs hair damage and prevents future damage for up to 25 shampoos. Plus, with added Willow Bark Extract, for a cool, clean, soothing scalp sensation.

Directions: Shake product well. Holding can 6-12 inches from DRY hair, spray roots in a light, steady stream. Allow to dry for a few minutes before touching.


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