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This shade will have you up all night!

Insomnia- body colour of translucent shimmer and sparkles> spectral colours> cobalt blue>neon blue

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Lightweight and airy texture that feels soft and fluffy. Applies smoothly on the skin and has a silky finish.

Suitable for eyeshadow, highlighting, and unleashing creative lip looks!

Discover the enchanting world of our Opal Loose Multichrome Eyeshadow Pigments, featuring a super fine texture that flows like liquid. Experience a soft and lightweight powdery feel that is effortlessly buildable on the skin.

To truly witness their stunning tones, we recommend applying these loose pigments over a primer or mixing medium. For optimal results, we recommend using our best-selling Fix Potion as a pigment adhesive. Ensure that you apply the pigment over dry Fix Potion to avoid any white spots forming.

Each pigment offers captivating colour-shifting tones and a highly reflective multi-chrome finish. The ultra-lightweight formula boasts a smooth satin texture that practically melts onto your skin, leaving behind a flawless, texture-free finish.

These pigments are highly versatile and can be layered to achieve even greater multi-dimensional effects. Designed for all skin tones, the universal colours flatter a diverse range of individuals, ensuring everyone can embrace the beauty of our Opal Loose Multichrome Eyeshadow Pigments.

Did you know?

By applying these pigments over a black base unlocks a rainbow of magical colours. The multichrome shifts and sparkling tones take on a whole new dimension when contrasted with a black base, offering a unique spotlight effect. This allows you to unleash your creativity and experience the illusion of having two different pigments from the same shimmering pot.

Experience ultimate convenience with our included removable hole dispenser lid with every purchase of our loose multichrome pigments. This dispenser ensures precise and controlled application, particularly useful when working with intricate details.

Our Opal Loose Multichrome Eyeshadow Pigments are not only visually captivating but also align with your values as they are vegan and cruelty-free. Crafted with premium quality ingredients, these pigments are finely milled into 100% loose powder, allowing for seamless blending and application.

  • Vegan & cruelty-free 
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • 100% finely milled Loose Powder
  • Colour-shifting tones
  • Reflective sheer multi-chrome finish
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Multi-functional: each pigment offer glitter, glimmer, and multichrome pastel finishes, which can be used as eyeshadow or highlighter.
  • Smooth satin texture that practically melts onto your skin leaving no texture on the skin
  • Highly versatile; can be layered for even greater multi-dimensional effects
  • Changes to a new colour over a black base
  • Universal colours. Designed for all skin tones

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