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  • Maekup Gelatine (Prosthetic)

Maekup Gelatine (Prosthetic)


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Said to be the world’s finest prosthetic gelatine our all-time classic environmentally friendly, easy to use, food grade Prosthetic Gelatine, can be used to make prosthetic pieces quickly and easily, maybe tinted with our New Prosthetic Gelatine Colour Gels, and when used in conjunction with our Gelatine Softener / Flow Promoter working time can be increased up to 30min set time.

Also with the addition of a specific amount of Gelatine Flow Promoter the gelatine can be over plasticized to make an extremely sticky gel that can be encapsulated to make very realistic, heat resistant low cost prosthetic pieces. Conveniently supplied in cubed form for easy weighing.


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