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  • Maekup Tattoo Cover Gel
  • Maekup Tattoo Cover Gel

Maekup Tattoo Cover Gel



*Due to high demand there is a maximum of 2 X units per Color - PLEASE NOTE - if you order over the allowed amount you will automatically be refunded for the excess amount without notice!

These incredible Tattoo Gels from Dave Stoneman's innovative Maekup range were developed for use on actor Dwayne Johnson, to quickly and effectively cover his large and numerous tattoos. Non-creasing and incredibly quick-drying, these Tattoo Gels are also long-lasting, water and wear resistant. To use, simply stipple on the area with a brush, until the desired affect is achieved. This product can be thinned down with IPA 99% if you like, can also be used in an airbrush and colors are fully inter-mixable. 


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