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  • MEHRON -Make-up Remover Cream

MEHRON -Make-up Remover Cream

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Order Make-Up Remover Cream Treatment manufactured in the U.S.A. by Mehron. Mehron Make-Up Remover Cream Treatment has been used for decades by mimes and clowns to remove their grease painted faces after a long performance. Mehron Make-Up Remover Cream Treatment has been expertly formulated to have quick penetrating properties that will non-abrasively remove cream and grease paint makeup. This fine cleansing cream treats your skin to a moisturizing treatment while you easily remove even the heaviest of makeup applications. Professional Performers have relied on Mehron Make-Up Cream Treatment to remove their Theatrical Makeup for decades. Mehron, the Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927 provides the makeup to the stars just like you.

*4 oz

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