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  • Mane Hair Seal and Control (DG)

Mane Hair Seal and Control (DG)


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Mane Seal & Control complements Mane Hair Thickening Spray to help maintain your hair style and seal in your application. Designed scientifically to work with the Mane Hair Thickening Spray, the Seal & Control product contains special resins that will help bond the Thickener spray to your hair and also help maintain your hair style, making your naturally looking thicker hair last longer. The Seal & Control spray also has the added benefit of making the Hair Thickening spray water, wind  and perspiration resistant. It will also retain control during sport and can even be used whilst swimming.
Mane Seal & Control comes in an aerosol format to provide an even spray and a dry finish to your look. To achieve a lasting result, always use Mane Seal & Control after using Mane Hair Thickener.
The Seal & Control and Hair Thickening spray can be easily removed with shampoo.



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