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  • Mouldlife LifeCasting Silicone LifeForm

Mouldlife LifeCasting Silicone LifeForm



• LIFEFORM is a poly addition cure RTV silicone rubber that vulcanises at room temperature. A and B components are mixed together at the correct ration of 1:1 to offer a thixotropic mixture that is ready to be applied directly to the body.

• LIFEFORM silicone offers many advantages over alginate such as the wider range of materials that can be cast directly into your mould and it can be used again and again.
• LIFEFORM also can be bonded to itself, allowing the life-caster to apply thinner skins resulting in less material and less wastage.
• LIFEFORM also offers release properties that are completely unique to this system. Unlike other life-casting silicones that need a barrier or release applied quite thick to ensure a good release, which can obscure the detail.
• LIFEFORM can be applied direct to clean skin with no loss of detail.
*Standard Set.

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