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  • Neill's Materials - Adhesives Trio Kit (DG)

Neill's Materials - Adhesives Trio Kit (DG)



Kit includes:

Sil-Key Silicone Adhesive 2oz

Sil-Key is a high strength, high solids and pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive suspended in an extremely safe cosmetic grade solvent. All components are sourced from leading manufacturers ensuring a high quality, superbly reliable product that will be sticking around for a very long time.

Sil-Key Thinners 2oz

The high solids content of the Sil-Key Silicone Adhesive means thinners are recommended for use to maintain fluidity and extend the working life, so this same solvent is also available as Sil-Key Thinners.

Pro-Key Water Based Adhesive 2oz

Pro-Key adhesive is a new water-soluble acrylic adhesive. Whether used for applying prosthetic pieces, making PAX paints, thickening for edge filling or to make your own Bondo appliances, Pro-Key adhesive gives you all the familiar qualities you know and love from your existing acrylic adhesives.

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