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  • Neill's Materials - Key-Cap Beads (100g)

Neill's Materials - Key-Cap Beads (100g)



Neill’s Materials  Key-Cap Plastic Beads are the answer to hazardous shipping headaches. They are the exact raw material of Key-Cap Plastic from by dissolving them in Acetone. Now you can buy the beads in the container with instructions as to how to use them by filling with Acetone yourself, avoiding the issue of Acetone being highly flammable and thus very expensive to ship.

Also if you want to travel with the product, it’s difficult to take flammable liquids on flights, so this offers you the opportunity to purchase it in a non-hazardous form as the dry beads then add the acetone yourself once it has been transported, Acetone being pretty cheap and readily available worldwide.

Directions: Pour in Acetone up to the base of the neck of the bottle. Replace cap firmly and shake gently until all beads are coated with Acetone. Turn bottle on a regular basis until all beads are fully dissolved, this will take approx. 3-4 days. 100g of Key-Cap Beads will create 500g of Key-Cap Plastic.

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