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Neill's Materials - Key-Pigments Silicone Pigments



Created by Neill Gorton this lifelike colour system comprises highly concentrated silicone pigments in custom colours that go a very long way. They will save you both time and money and help maintain perfect continuity across colour batches.

Neill says…

“From running thousands of prosthetic pieces over the years I have refined my pigments to these four standard colours which suit the vast majority of skin tones. Even if one of these is not an exact match, it will take only the slightest adjustment to make a perfect match.Along with the four flesh tones are two adjuster colours, a yellow ochre and red iron oxide. This basic system means you can produce perfect flesh tones for prosthetics and dummy body parts and they can also be used in conjunction with direct applied silicone products such as Sculpt Gel, to tint them to the desired colour."


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