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  • OSCA - Makeup Brush Cleanser - Tea Tree
  • OSCA - Makeup Brush Cleanser - Tea Tree

OSCA - Makeup Brush Cleanser - Tea Tree



Naturally antiseptic for a thorough, sterilising cleanse.

*Recommended for larger brushes: Foundation/Powder/blusher/sponges, and great for those with oily or troubled skin prone to breakouts.

*Professional tip for make-up artists: Tea tree is a good final clean for spirit gum brushes after they are de-glued with IPA and dry.

Cleanse, disinfect and condition in one pot.

OSCA’s Make-up brush cleaners are based on Rice Bran oil which is lightweight and fragrance free, so delicately conditions brushes and sponges without leaving a residue. Then OSCA added essential oils to formulate an effective cleansing action.


Forget rusting tins or disposable bottles our silicone pots are designed exclusively for OSCA, they are robust and re-useable. Empty? just rinse out, slot in refill tablet and you are ready to go. The nodules on the underside of the lid create a cleaning pad while the sleek and brightly coloured container is easy to carry, easy to find, easy to use whether on the film set, in Make-up trailer, or globetrotting.


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