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  • ProAiir Hybrid Skin Tones (DG)
  • ProAiir Hybrid Skin Tones (DG)

ProAiir Hybrid Skin Tones (DG)



ProAiir is the smoothest flowing, longest lasting, most durable airbrush hybrid makeup ever made. ProAiir Hybrid was developed with the professional makeup artist in mind for spray ability, coverage and durability. ProAiir is manufactured in the United States and passes all safety standards set forth by a third-party, US-based laboratory as "skin safe."

ProAiir uses only FDA compliant cosmetics and pigments. It's the most waterproof makeup on the market and lasts up to 1-3 days when applied correctly, yet can be removed with liquid soap then water, baby oil or makeup remover. ProAiir fades over daily wear. 

Yes, ProAiir Hybrid is VEGAN. 


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