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  • Problood by Glynn McKay - 100ml Dropper

Problood by Glynn McKay - 100ml Dropper



Problood® has been medically checked for realism and has a proven track-record of registering well on television and film recordings. This blood is popular among makeup artists for casualty simulation and is widely used on stage, including in vast quantities when called for. Also used in first-aid training scenarios.

A non-staining artificial blood, 100% realistic and available in Original and Dark. Machine washable (if the fabric allows), but do not soak the garment ahead of washing as this could affect the dye removal process. A fabric patch test is recommended in advance if heavy use is anticipated.

Can be used with Wound Filler by Glynn McKay, Problood Thick blood on props and/or Permblood by Glynn McKay on costumes, props and severed body prosthetics as the two colourways match exactly with these products.

Safe to be held in the mouth but not to be used in the eyes. Easily washes off the skin. Complies with UK and EU Cosmetic Legislation, is vegan-friendly and not tested on animals.

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