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  • The Monster Makers - ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE (DG)


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A very gentle oil based make-up remover which will remove many types of make-up, including Protac. Isopropyl Myristate (pronounced meer-is-tate) is also a fantastic, no-odor/non-toxic solvent for Monster Clay. It tends to dry a little slower than other solvents like Mineral Spirits, but it dissolves the clay very aggressively and is a great smoothing agent. Use sparingly with a soft brush and move on to different areas while the solvent evaporates. For polishing Monster Clay to a glass-like surface, start with a smooth area like top of a head. Apply a small amount of myristate to a clean paper toweling and rub in a circular fashion until the clay takes on a shiny surface. USE SPARINGLY!


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