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  • MAQPRO - 6 Color Fard Creme Death Palette

MAQPRO - 6 Color Fard Creme Death Palette


No Variants

Death base palette, great for all your dead effects.

If you've used any creme fard product from MAQPRO, you know that the color is packed to punch. This palette is the ultimate space-saver for your kit, and afford you the luxury of having twice the color possibilities in a fraction of the space.

*Made with their natural wax based formula.

*Cream cosmetics often "sweat" and form small beads of moisture on the surface.  This is normal and does not in any way affect the quality of the product.  New fard cremes may appear to have "color dots" on the surface of the product, which easily wipe away and do not affect the color.

Maqpro products are TILT branded. 

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