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  • TILT - Tear Spray Bottle Kit

TILT - Tear Spray Bottle Kit



This Kit is fantastic for helping artist eyes to look tired/broken-down or for producing tears.

The kit includes: TILT Tear Spray Bottle with Locking Nozzle + Menthol Crystals 5gm. 

  • Hygienic 
  • Easy to use 
  • Practical & Compact 

Instructions: The Tear Blower can be used repeatedly until the menthol crystals lose their effectiveness. Fill the bottle with the menthol crystals and close the cap. Softly shake the bottle and position the output end about 10 cm from the actor’s eye, pressing the pump repeatedly. The menthol vapours that stream into the actor’s eyes will produce immediate tears. Build-up the number of pump discharges until you reach the desired effect, starting with 3 presses of the pump to assess the effect. Hygienize the tip often, especially before use and wait until it is dry.

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