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  • Ultra Sweat - Wet Look Stuff
  • Ultra Sweat - Wet Look Stuff
  • Ultra Sweat - Wet Look Stuff

Ultra Sweat - Wet Look Stuff



For a wet look without eye sting.
A thick gel that creates super smooth, wet-look effects on skin, hair, clothing, foam creatures and sets.
Not recommended for use on foam models. For foam models, use UltraWet™ Wet Look Stuff instead. UltraWet™ Wet Look Stuff contains glycerin to prevent it from drying out and damaging foam models.
There are several different effects that you can get with either UltraWet™ or UltraSweat™ Wet Look Stuff.
You can apply them in either a thick or thin layer. You can add water to thin them down. You can apply them directly to the skin or hair.
For close-ups, you can coat the skin with an oily substance, such as Bull Frog™ sunscreen, then spray a dilute solution of UltraSweat™ or UltraWet™ Wet Look Stuff on top of the oily substance to create a droplet effect.
Whenever there is a danger of getting it the actor's eyes, consider using use UltraSweat™ instead UltraWet™ Wet Look Stuff to avoid eye sting.
When he was shooting Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruse asked us to develop a wet look stuff similar to our UltraWet™ product, except without glycerin, which can cause eye sting, so we developed UltraSweat™ wet look stuff.
Since this product doesn’t contain glycerin, however, it will dry out faster and can damage foam models. Water-based. Non-toxic.
UltraWet™ and UltraSweat™ are widely used in action films.

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