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  • Vapon - Skin Pro (Scalp & Skin Treatment) (DG)

Vapon - Skin Pro (Scalp & Skin Treatment) (DG)



Skin-Pro leaves a protective barrier which allows for better adhesion with both tapes and glues. It contains aloe which has rejuvenating and soothing properties.

Skin-Pro has a gel like consistency with a clean scent and a light blue tint. When worked into the skin it dries clear without shine. It evaporates in just a few moments leaving the skin feeling clean and free from oils, dirt and residue.

Simply take a small amount of the Skin-Pro Scalp & Skin Treatment on a cotton ball or other applicator and use it to clean the area where you will be using adhesives. Let it evaporate and dry completely, then you will be ready to apply your favorite glues and tapes.


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